The Little Kentucky Fiber Farm

Our mini farm initially started as a back yard homesteading project in a little rural town in central Kentucky. With only 1/3 of an acre, we quickly out grew our tiny back yard. We used family property and the entire back yard of our home to get started.

At first, we just thought the idea of spinning wool and needle felting was something neat to learn. We decided to get an Angora rabbit for the wool . We have always been interested in homesteading and self preservation. We quickly discovered wool and homesteading is our passion, and we absolutely loved having the animals and working as a family on the daily chores. We bought some sheep and kept them in our parents field about 30 miles away. We dreamed of expanding, but did not want more debt. We already felt like slaves under the debt we had accumulated. 

 In 2015, we just happened to find the perfect little farm for our dream. It has 11 1/2 acres, 2 great barns, many little buildings,  and a really old farm house. The back of the farm connects to Beaver Lake, and we immediately knew this was the place for us.

After purchasing the farm, we placed our home on Main St. up for sale. We spent every waking hour finishing the house to sell, and making income in any way we could to pay two mortgages, and two sets of utility bills. In November of 2016 our house finally sold. We were able to completely pay the farm off, and went from two mortgages to none.

We planned to build on the back of the farm, and started fixing up the farm house to live in during the building process. We soon fell in love with the little farm house, and decided it was silly to build when we would be just as happy, and avoid the expense of building as well as the stress during the crucial years of our children's lives. We may build when the children all move out.

Our Story

During the remodel, we decided instead of renting we would live right on the farm with our animals in a tiny home. This has been the best decision we have ever made. Our children have grown in so many positive ways as we live together in 340 sq ft. Having lived their entire lives in a home with over 1800 sq ft, they have adjusted to the change very well.

We decided that if people didn't think we are crazy, then we weren't trying hard enough to achieve our dream. Our mantra has been: "We have to live like no one else, so one day we can live like no one else." - Dave Ramsey

 Woolly Ridge Farm