The Little Kentucky Fiber Farm

Californian Astrid and Monday Litter

Meat Breeding Litter


1 buck and 1 doe left

Astrid had 8 babies. 7 does and 1 buck

Ready Now

Buck $15 Due to light color on nose

Doe $20 White spot in color on foot


Pedigree Show Lines

Luna and Apollo Litter

2 Bucks

Luna had 3 babies

2 Bucks and 1 Doe

Bucks will be ready 5/31/17

Pedigree French Angora
Chocolate and Black 
Ready 5/31/17

Pedigree Show Lines

Sea and Goliath Litter

Will resex soon

Sea had 8 babies

Ready 5/31/17

Pedigree French Angora

Blue and Black 

Ready 5/31/17

Items for Sale:

  • Eggs
  • Pedigree Californian 
  • Pedigree French Angora
  • Pet Rabbits
  • Meat Rabbits
  • Wool
  • Shetland Sheep 
  • Felting supplies
  • Wool and other art
  • Ducks
  • Sometimes chickens, kittens, leopard geckos, and Great Pyrenees

Recent Litters 

Ready Now

Pedigree French Angora

Black Buck $65